Inspiring a New Generation of Leaders Through Well-Rounded Education Practices

High levels of
academic rigour




Our educational programs cover a broad and diverse spectrum of programs designed to ensure graduates leave as well-rounded young individuals who value personal attributes as well as academic. We encourage critical thinking, dialogue, analysis, and immersive exploration of ideas that will help our students transform our globe. Regular dialogue between students, parents, and our management ensures that the educational experience constantly evolves to help deliver value every step of the way.

A leading full curriculum school in Bangladesh offering full Cambridge curriculum is a collaborative venture between STS Group and the Delhi Public School Society (DPSS). On top of traditional classroom learning, co-curricular activities are integrated to ensure students can pursue their interests and develop a well-rounded outlook of the world.

Founded in 1999, ISD offers a broad and balanced international curriculum that reflects the importance of understanding academic discipline, community service, the performing arts, and good health. Programs are designed to equip students for fulfilled and purposeful lives through this provision of an elite all-rounded education.

UCL offers a range of programs in partnership with Monash; including a full Cambridge and IB curriculum, pathway programs, full degree programs, and IELTS prep courses. UCL is ahead of global pass rates achieving 90% or higher across all programs, including 200+ Global Award of Excellence Winners, and a 100% record of placing students for internships.

Capacity: 2,250 students
Launch: Fall 2022

Capacity: 5,200 students
Launch: 2024

Capacity: 1,300 students
Launch: 2026