Helping Drive Industries and Communities Forward with a New Generation of Solutions to Manage Everything From Money to People.

"Founded by Bob Kundanmal in 1993, the Sino Lanka Group has grown into an Asian enterprise, headquartered in Sri Lanka. Comprising of over 10 independent operating companies.

Sino Lanka is the principal holding company with investments in Real Estate, Hospitality, Chemical Distribution, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Renewable Energy and Education. Each Sino Lanka company operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors and shareholders. Going forward, Sino Lanka companies are building businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through customer-centricity and innovation. These value-driven business operations, will balance the interests of diverse stakeholders including shareholders, employees and civil society at large."


Why Sino Lanka?

A smart approach on everything we do to bring you peace of mind

Every aspect of Sino Lanka’s operations is held up by strong values. We bring this to life by our commitment to do more than just work hard but to work smart.

To make great efficiency its trademark - from identifying gaps in the market to detailed planning, collaborating with credible partners and implementing projects- it takes a team that is time smart, people smart, and technical smart.


To Work Smart Sino Lanka relies on 3 pillars


is the only way

Proactive agility through fast-track project management

Strong network to supply a turnkey, worry-free experience

Proven, industry-specific business models for better time management


Living our values on-site, in house &
everywhere in between

5,000+ employees in 7 industries across three countries

Up-to-date on all required certifications and approvals

Keeping people safe, and upholding the best environmental practices


The resources, the
know-how, the result

A dynamic team of industry-specific experts for operational excellence

Strong group network to supply a turnkey, worry-free experience

Automated systems to support advanced and complex projects

Our Values Shape Our Approach

Sino Lanka’s values are what truly sets us apart - Reliability, integrity, and collaboration all align to create success; which is the result we are committed to and known for.

“Through all these years working on incredible projects, our passion remains the same; to see great things take shape through hard work and dedication on all parts”

At the core of Sino Lanka is our Chairman, Bob Kundanmal - the driving force of the group. As a family-owned company, we build close-knit relationships with all our stakeholders - investors, partners, employees and communities. Our collaborative culture ensures that our objectives are mutually inclusive, we have full control of our resources and supply-chain to offer you quality delivery, cost-efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Bob Kundanmal - Chairman


embracing the Future with a Shared Vision

Dhiren and Kushal bring into the group their modern perspectives through engaged ownership and active participation.

A holder of a Bachelor's degree in Management from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in HR Management from Simon Fraser University. As well as Certificates in business modeling, corporate analysis & entrepreneurship from Kellogg School of Business & London Business School. He has also worked in the Investment Banking and Management Consulting industries in Canada & Malaysia. Dhiren plays an active role in the development of Sino Lanka Group.

Dhiren’s focus over the last 5 years across corporate analysis, project management, development & process improvement has resulted in the Group embracing new opportunities and actively integrating agility in all aspects of the business.

Dhiren Kundanmal

Kushal has over five years of experience in Software Engineering, Project Management, Business Analytics and Digital Transformation. He holds a Bachelor in Business and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and is currently reading for his Master's in Analytics and Management from the London Business School.

He is eager to take on the role of Head of Special Projects at the Sino Group and enable the innovative journey ahead.

Kushal Kundanmal

core values

Business Excellence

Building engaged, empowered, knowledgeable, and synergetic teams committed to delivering excellence.

Social Responsibility

Approaching business activities in a way that is sensitive to countries, communities and environments.


Creating a collaborative culture within the group so all our interactions reflect respect, tolerance and understanding.


Fostering compassion, clarity and respect throughout our business and interactions for transparent operations.


Holding ourselves accountable for all our actions to maintain the highest ethical standards in our business dealings.

Sino Lanka operates in diverse industries to create lasting
impressions for customers, businesses, and communities

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